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All the Grandmother Figures You Had To Kiss During One Short Walk In the Summer Holidays by Michelle Christophorou

The great-aunt-once-removed (by far the most common species of) yiayia who lived opposite the marble-tiled (turned holiday) villa your dad built for his parents but which they refused to move into; the ignore-her-at-your-peril yiayia who lurked outside the church and once—in a grab for his attention—pulled down your brother’s swim shorts as he queued for ice cream; the merciless-face-pinching-related-by-second-marriage yiayia (face pinching usually being the male preserve of leathery papous) who wanted you for her grandson and smelled of yeast and mastiha; the middle-one-of-a-trio-of-falsetto-voiced yiayias who in summer-cruel widow’s black congregated at the corner on straight-backed chairs and whom you pictured years later—with their whiskers and their skin tags and grown-long-with-age noses—while you studied Macbeth; the great-aunt-proper yiayia who, according to your dad, once threw stones at passers-by out of loneliness so should always be indulged with a visit (during which she might bring you a breadcrumb-encrusted glass whose rose-water contents you’d eject over your shoulder into the bushes when she wasn’t looking); and finally, still to be found at the village’s edge (despite your dad’s attempts at relocation), your one true yiayia, her cheeks sweet and seasonal as watermelon.

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Michelle Christophorou has kissed a lot of Cypriot grandmothers. She is the author of novella-in-flash Kipris (Ad Hoc Fiction, 2021), shortlisted for a Saboteur Award. Her fiction has appeared online and in the National Flash Fiction Day, Bath Flash Fiction Award, and Bath Short Story Award anthologies, among others.

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