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Cover Art Archive

Here you can peruse each issue by its cover art, and learn more about the artist.

Spring 2024

“View of the centaur statue in Pompeii, Italy,” Kelsey van den Bosch

Kelsey is a travel photographer based in the Netherlands. Her passion for photography started at a young age when she got a camera to take pictures while on vacation with her family. This passion has led her to learn more about photography by joining an online academy and investing in professional equipment. She also loves to travel, which fits perfectly with her passion for photography. You can see a selection of her work on Instagram and Society6.

Instagram | Society6

Winter 2024

“Swing,” India ink, pencil, watercolor, mixed media, Kasia Dippel

Kasia Dippel is a full-time graphic designer, graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. Her main professional interests are visual identity and branding, but she loves illustration and drawing. And, of course, she is a hopeless case of a horse lover. That’s why she decided to start the Paper Horses project. She thinks that we people owe so much to these beautiful animals. She perceives it as her duty to portray them in the most subtle way, trying to capture their magnificent nature.

Fall 2023

“The cheerful centaur,” Fabio Sassi

Fabio Sassi is a visual artist living in Bologna, Italy. He makes acrylics and photos using what is hidden, discarded or considered to have no worth by the mainstream. He really enjoys taking the everyday and ordinary framing it in a different way. His work can be viewed at

Summer 2023

“Centaur Businessman,” Charles Anderson

Spring 2023 

“Black Centaur, Blue Field,” Monotype on paper, Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams is a mixed media. Her bold, quirky, and apparently playful works often carry a brooding gritty undertone. By employing an agglomeration of printmaking, painting, collage, stitching onto a variety of surfaces, her work is a lively regurgitation of current obsessions. Her most recent output concerns the vulnerability of existence in the natural world with inspiration coming from iconography and primitive depiction of the cave paintings of Lascaux and Australia.